Eliminate That Double Chin for Good With SculpSure® Submental

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Double chins may be adorable on babies, but they tend to become much less desirable for grown men and women. Here at Bluebonnet OB/GYN, upholding our commitment to offer the San Antonio community the latest technology and highest standard of women’s health care, Dr. Patricia K. Brougher and nurse practitioner Laurita Old Hudec provide nonsurgical SculpSure® fat reduction treatments to help you lose your double chin. Take a minute to learn how you can eliminate that double chin for good with SculpSure submental.

SculpSure is tough on fat, easy on your body

SculpSure is an innovative, nonsurgical laser treatment that targets fat cells in a specific area of your body, including that stubborn double chin. Even though other stubborn fat bulges, like your belly, thighs, or love handles, may not respond to exercise and diet, at least you can make an attempt at reducing them. But, what kind of diet and exercise plan targets the fat under your chin?

CynoSure®, leaders in aesthetic laser treatments, and the company that invented SculpSure — the first FDA-cleared laser fat removal system — realizes that getting rid of a stubborn double chin with diet and exercise poses quite a challenge. And if you’re like most people, invasive surgery with a long recovery period isn’t at the top of your list of easy ways to reduce fat on any area of your body.

SculpSure laser treatments are tough on fat cells, but easy on your body, so you can achieve the desired results of a slimmer, more sculpted appearance without the hassle of a surgical procedure and painful recovery.

It takes just 25 minutes to reduce up to 24% of fat

Most SculpSure treatments take just 25 minutes per area and you can lose up to 24% of unwanted fat cells in each treatment. It’s that simple. The heat from the SculpSure laser safely targets the fat cells deep within your skin, leaving the surface unharmed.

As the laser energy heats up your fat cells to a precise, controlled temperature, the fat cells become damaged and your body then naturally eliminates them through your lymphatic system. Even if you have a body mass index (BMI) of up to 43, you can still get optimal results from SculpSure submental treatments. Depending on how much you want to reduce your double chin, you may want to undergo more than one SculpSure submental session, so Dr. Brougher customizes a plan that delivers the best results for your individual needs.

Treatments feel warm, but there’s no downtime

This noninvasive treatment is an amazing alternative to invasive surgeries, and there’s no downtime. You’ll feel the warmth of the SculpSure laser as it targets the fat under your chin, but it’s easily tolerated. After a treatment, you can go about your daily activities without worry that anyone will see you with bandages, because there aren’t any!

Your skin may look red and feel mildly sunburned, but otherwise, there are no adverse side effects or downtime to speak of. Over the next 6-12 weeks after your last SculpSure submental appointment, you’ll notice a visible difference in your profile, as your body gradually gets rid of the destroyed fat cells for good.

Added bonus: Results are permanent

The single most wonderful thing about fat cells is that once they’re destroyed and eliminated from a specific area of your body, they don’t regenerate. So, as long as you maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle, the fat you lose from SculpSure submental treatments is gone forever. Even if there were an exercise for toning under your chin, you’d have to keep repeating the exercise over and over again to maintain your desired results.

Not so with SculpSure. Fat cells that your body eliminates are gone for good because fat loss is different than weight loss.

Weight loss just shrinks your fat cells so they can increase in size again if you gain weight. However, fat cells that get hit with laser energy don’t stand a chance.

Take that, double chin.

When excess fat under your chin makes you look heavier than you are, older than you are, or both, SculpSure submental treatments may be an ideal solution.

Find out more about SculpSure for under your chin or several other trouble areas, for a more toned, contoured physique from chin to thighs. Call Bluebonnet OB/GYN to schedule your SculpSure consultation or request an appointment by clicking the button on this website.

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